Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

Jew ne sais quoi

It may well be, and it seems reasonable to suppose, that the "Jewish factor" in any or all of the different historical contexts in which it is presumed to be relevant, is explained and dissolved away by two general considerations:

1) Jews behaving in opportunistic ways in situations where they are (or are reasonably forced to assume they are) faced with "two devils" to choose from.  In this respect, Jews are no different from any other people or group.

2) Jews doing #1 in remarkably adroit and intelligent fashion, such that they seem to distinguish themselves with more talent at doing #1 than other people or groups seem capable of.  This #2 is, of course, tendentious, and requires evidence to substantiate, and substantiation will never perfectly immunize the claim from a subjective and relative interpretation of the data. 

Nevertheless, there is wiggle room for entertaining #2 seriously, and the way to dissolve the "Jewish problem" in this respect is to locate this "talent" in Jewish culture, as a way to survive and navigate as a self-designated Outsider in any given society; where the remarkable ability to do so is simply chalked up to an anthropological mystery -- neither commending, nor condemning, Jews for some putative ontological or biological or even existential blessing or curse.  This may not satisfy those who need gnostic certitude (and then run with it to either of two extremes), but it will have to do.  

Directly related to this, we can blame those Jews who are talented purveyors of PC MC -- but only for their talent in this regard, not for their motives or damage they cause, and thus no more or less than we would blame the millions of Christians who in our time also purvey PC MC (and the various Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, New Agers, etc., who also do their part to keep PC MC dominant and mainstream in our time).  To expand this talent into some kind of diabolical Macchiavellian malignancy intent on, and capable of, manipulating the globalist world to nefarious ends (and what exactly would be the logical end game for such diabolical Jews -- their own destruction?), suffers from all the deficits that adhere to conspiracy theory -- particularly its demonically stubborn resistance to falsifiability.

Now, the opportunism one may find and document among Jewish Dhimmis in the history of the millennial Islamic War against the West (a 1300-year-long World War still unrecognized by the West even as it now escalates and metastasizes under our noses) is thus no different than that of Christian Dhimmis, except for a je ne sais quoi quality of "talent" -- a je ne sais quoi which to call "Jewish" too often invites the temptation of an aforementioned gnostic certitude (and its attendant speculations which lead to conspiracy theory).  

In this regard, the one peculiarly Jewish peccadillo, perhaps, manifests itself in our time as an irrational extrapolation of mistrust bordering on paranoia (confused with a conceit of wry realism) whereby Muslims, and the Islamic rule they may portend in this coming century, may be deemed by some Jews to be preferrable to that of "Christians" and their supposed "rule" of (or as) the modern West.  To unduly magnify this peccadillo would be to verge into conspiracy theory; to unduly minimize it under the auspices of an Antisemiticophobic spasm, would be to irrationally delimit our perception of one small field of the facts, neither of overarching moment, nor on the other hand, negligible.  Navigating between these two extremes is a gingerly enterprise, to be sure; but success will be helped by keeping our eye on the ball: Islam and all Muslims are the problem and the danger, and one is either part of the solution, or part of the problem.