Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

More thoughts on the deck of the Titanic...

Why should it be any more than any other religion or person??? This is so out of hand, and I really don't know why people stand for this??? I just don't get it.

An exasperated Jihad Watch reader asks, rhetorically.  (And we know what religion his "it" refers to...) This is not a lone exasperation; many seem to be similarly afflicted.

There actually is an understandable reason, though the reason is fraught with irrationality and is rather complex. Were one to simplify it by only stating what could be its most important ingredient, that would invite misunderstandings.

I'm not going to spend time right now constructing a refined explanation, but will just spell out the ingredients that cause most of the West to persist in its myopia about the problem of Islam.

The main ingredient is reverse racism. PC MC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) is a worldview or paradigm that has become dominant throughout the entire West. According to those who follow PC MC, when they look at Muslims, they see an ethnic people (or a wonderful diversity, or mosaic, or tapestry of ethnic peoples from all over the non-white non-Western world).

Then we must remember (how can we forget?) that, according to PC MC, a perceived ethnic people is to be accorded extra deference and respect, even if they may not deserve it.

Then, according to "Auster's Law of Majority/Minority Relations" which PC MC also follows, the more that a perceived ethnic minority misbehaves, the more respect -- not less -- they are accorded. Since Muslims misbehave astronomically worse than any other perceived ethnic minority on the planet, they are accorded an irrationally high degree of respect -- an irrationality reaching grotesquely ridiculous proportions by now, since their "misbehavior" is off the charts in quantity and quality.

Then, another ingredient here is that semi-consciously and subliminally, the PC MCs are afraid of Muslim violence, but they cannot rationally process this, so they must suppress it, and only allow it to exert psychological pressure to result in our increasing our respect for Muslims and their Islam.

In addition, and closely related to the above, PC MCs cultivate what may be called "Autophobia" -- a fear of themselves: specifically, a fear that as white Westerners who are the main (if not sole) cause of all ills of the world and of history (we alone were the worst perpetrators of slavery, colonialism, racism, blah blah blah), we must be vigilant in controlling our own propensity to engage in the thought crimes of racism and bigotry, and from there we must be on guard against ourselves, lest we go down the slippery slope toward racist crimes against Muslims (never mind that Islam is not a race -- for irrational PC MCs, that train left the station long ago) and start lynching them, rounding them up, putting them in camps, ethnically cleansing them, etc. It is the irrational fear of this ridiculous scenario for which there is not a shred of evidence that looms far more importantly to haunt the heart & mind of the PC MC and which helps keep his semi-conscious mind distracted from noticing the actual atrocities and hatred and intoleance and racism which Muslims spew and perpetrate daily around the globe.

And so forth.

As detailed and lengthy as my description turned out to be, it only touches on the tip of the iceberg of the problem toward which our collective Western Titanic chugs -- though it does, I hope, sound and tap into some veins of ice-cracks that run deep into it.

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