Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Brown, Red & Green

From a story in the New York Times, June 3, 1996 (probably buried on page D27):

Francois Genoud, Nazi Sympathizer, 81

Francois Genoud, a Nazi sympathizer who became a banker for Arab militants and defender of terrorists, committed suicide by poison on Thursday with the help of a Swiss pro-euthanasia group, a family spokesman said. He was 81.

Mr. Genoud, who made a fortune from publishing the diaries of Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief, helped set up the Arab commercial bank in Geneva in 1958. The bank was active in lending money to Arab nationalist groups and held the fighting fund of the Algerian independence movement.

In a biography published this year, Mr. Genoud said he had worked closely with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which carried out attacks against Israel and Jewish interests.

Mr. Genoud was a friend of the terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal and helped finance his defense after his 1994 arrest. Mr. Genoud also helped pay for the defense of the former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, known as the Butcher of Lyon.

Communist Terrorist Carlos "the Jackal" (who converted to Islam in prison in the 1990s, by the way); Nazi butcher Klaus Barbie; the Palestinians...  a motley yet consistent crew. 

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