Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Fethullah Gulen
An excellent commentary by Eksi B. Sixdouze written about a year ago, on the sinister Turkish Muslim billionaire Fethullah Gulen.

Though Sixdouze doesn't mention some of Gulen's money quotes, he provides lots of solid background information on this most deadly stealth jihadist (all the stealtheir, one reasonably assumes, for the fact that he has managed to keep a low profile -- even under the radar of Jihad Watch lately, while busily stealth-jihading away).

One of these money quotes (among other juicy ones) may be found in an article by Rachel Sharon-Krespin on Fethullah Gulen, wherein she quotes from one of his sermons in the 1990s:

The philosophy of our service is that we open a house somewhere and, with the patience of a spider, we lay our web to wait for people to get caught in the web; and we teach those who do. 

Gulen in the same sermon and in the same breath goes on to assure the choir:

We don't lay the web to eat or consume them but to show them the way to their resurrection, to blow life into their dead bodies and souls, to give them a life.

But that hardly allays our concern nor quiets the shudder of our frisson we feel upon reading such a glimpse into the mind of a subversive fanatic.  Indeed, it only underscores the fanaticism of Islam's "good intentions" by which they would pave the planet on the road to Hell.

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