Selasa, 28 April 2015

PC MC from P McC

I've been a big fan of Paul McCartney's music, in his Beatles days and in most of his solo career.  But as with most post-modern artists, he has PC MC instincts, even if a couple of times he showed good reflexes -- as when he flew to New York City while the smoke was still figuratively clearing after 911 to participate in a massive benefit concert and show his solidarity for, as his song extemporaneously composed for the occasion put it, "Freedom".  And as when he refused to cancel his concert in Israel even when the usual Lefties bandied the usual vilifications of an "apartheid" Israel "oppressing" the "Palestinian" people.

However, that doesn't mean he's not PC MC.  The glib remark he makes in the video above was made in 1991 (in a video of his rehearsals for a production of a classical work he wrote for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra called "Liverpool Oratorio"); but to those who would equally glibly assume Paul has "changed his mind" since then, unless I see direct evidence controverting it, I reasonably assume he still believes it (particularly as he has been an activist supporter of Obama).  Not only does he get the God of Islam wrong in his reflexive granting of normative respect to it, but he also amusingly gets Buddhism wrong, which has no "God" per se.

One more example of what should be an adage of the age:  

Artists and celebrities, if you can't condemn Islam as it should be, please keep your yaps shut about the subject altogether and go back to your art and celebrity.

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